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Welcome to the Rinella Learning Center's online course about Learning Styles! The goal of this mini-course is to help you better understand the concept of different learning styles – that is, the idea that different people have different preferences, capabilities, and strengths as learners – and apply that concept to your work as a student here at Miami University. This course includes two assessments in which you will discover your own learning styles. After taking these assessments, we will develop strategies to help you play to your strengths as a learner!

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  • Self-Assessment: You will assess your own strengths and preferences as a learner.
  • Learning Styles: You will learn the concept of learning styles (visual learning, aural learning, visual learning, etc.) for use in your own life.
  • Multiple Intelligences: You will learn the concept of multiple intelligences (linguistic intelligence, spatial intelligence, etc.) for use in your own life.
  • Self-Efficacy: In applying the above concepts, you will come to better know yourself – and in so doing, gain confidence in your academic abilities.

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Lesson 1: Learning Styles Inventory

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Lesson 2: More About Learning Styles

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Lesson 3: Multiple Intelligences Inventory

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Lesson 4: More About Multiple Intelligences

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Lesson 5: Applying Learning Styles

Course Summary:

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