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Welcome to the Rinella Learning Center's online course for Organizing Your Life! The goal of this mini-course is to help you become more organized, in order to minimize the stress and suffering associated with disorganized chaos. We’ll start out by assessing how organized you are right now, consider some different reasons tools and strategies that can aid in the process of becoming organized, and finally apply these principles to your own life. You can expect this course to take about 30-45 minutes to complete, but you are also welcome to return to the site if you’d like to revisit any of the resources we’ve collected here. 

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  • Self-Reflection: You will reflect upon your current beliefs and attitudes regarding organization.
  • Organization Rationale: You will examine the rationale for becoming organized, as well as consider your own motivations.
  • Organization Tools and Concepts: You will recognize tools and concepts valuable to maintaining organization.
  • Organizational Skills: You will develop the skills necessary to cultivate a greater sense of organization in your own life.

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Lesson 1: How Organized Are You?

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Lesson 2: Why Get Organized?

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Lesson 3: Organizational Tools

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Lesson 4: Changing Your Attitude

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Lesson 5: Getting Your Life Together


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