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Welcome to the Rinella Learning Center’s online course on Study Tips and Strategies! With this course, you will discover methods for studying more effectively, efficiently, and happily! Our first step is to assess your current level of study skills, to see where improvements can be made. Next, we’ll highlight some common mistakes students make when studying, and move on to effective strategies that you can utilize to achieve greater academic success. We hope you find this online course useful as you work on improving your study habits!

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  • Self-Assessment: You will truthfully assess your current skill level with studying.
  • Study Strategies: You will learn more effective strategies to aid you in studying.
  • Study Aids: You will learn about a variety of study aids – specifically, visual representations of your learning – to improve your studying habits.
  • Application: You will make a plan for applying these study strategies in your own life.

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Lesson 1: Study Skills Assessment

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Lesson 2: Studying - What Not to Do

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Lesson 3: Study Strategies

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Lesson 4: Learning Representations

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Lesson 5: Putting It All Together

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