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Do you struggle with taking good notes during in-class lectures? Would you like to become more adept at note-taking? Then you’ve come to the right place! This online course, created by the Rinella Learning Center, is designed to improve your note-taking skills. Further, it will also help you become more aware of active listening as a good classroom strategy. Combining strong active listening practices and thorough note-taking skills can be tremendously helpful as you work to improve academically! This course will take 30-45 minutes to complete, but you are welcome to revisit the course if you want to access particular lessons, concepts, or resources.

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  • Self-Reflection: You will reflect upon your current note-taking strategies and locate areas for growth.
  • Active Listening: You will understand the concept of active listening and its applicability as part of effective note-taking.
  • Note-Taking Styles: You will become familiar with multiple note-taking styles, in order to find the most appropriate one(s) for you and your courses.
  • Self-Guided Review: You will learn strategies to help you review major course concepts on your own by re-examining your notes.  

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Lesson 1: Note-Taking Assessment

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Lesson 2: Active Listening

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Lesson 3: Note-Taking Styles

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Lesson 4: Reviewing Notes After Class

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Lesson 5: Note-Taking Practice

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