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Welcome to the Rinella Learning Center’s online course on Motivation and Procrastination! These two words are among the most common concerns we hear from students: they describe themselves as habitual procrastinators, and note that it is hard to find motivation to complete their schoolwork. In this short course, we will assess the degree to which you are academically motivated and/or the degree to which you regularly procrastinate. From there, we’ll discuss some strategies (goal-setting, procrastination avoidance, shifting your mindset) to help you maintain the motivation you need to complete your schoolwork. Throughout, our major goal will be to help you take the long view of your academic career: always think about how each essay, reading assignment, or message board posting is part of a larger path, getting you to where you want to be!

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  • Self-Reflection: You will reflect upon your own sense of motivation, as well as your potential tendency toward procrastination.
  • Goal-Setting: You will practice setting goals for yourself using the SMART method.
  • Efficiency: You will learn tips and techniques to help you make more efficient use of study time.
  • Paradigm Shift: You will understand the difference between outcome-oriented thinking and process-oriented thinking and its relevance to your schoolwork.

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Lesson 1: How Motivated Are You?

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Lesson 2: Setting Goals

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Lesson 3: Avoiding Procrastination

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Lesson 4: Combating Perfectionism

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Lesson 4: Changing Your Mindset and Course Survey

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