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Even when things are going well at college...even when you're succeeding in your courses, making lots of new friends, and enjoying freedom and can experience stress. Virtually all college students experience stress for one reason or another. Indeed, Misra and McKean (2000) have noted that stress levels among college students seem to be on the rise. What can you do to manage your stress more effectively, so that it doesn't control your life? During this workshop, you will learn techniques and practices to help you better understand common sources of stress for college students and how to address them. 

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  • Metacognition: You will think critically about the presence of potential stressors in your life.
  • Paradigm Shift: You will learn how to recognize attitudes that enable stress, as well as how to shift those attitudes.
  • Self-Care: You will consider self-care as a key component of managing stress while at college.
  • Resources for Help: You will become familiar with resources for managing stress at Miami University.

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Lesson 1: Identifying Stressors

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Lesson 2: Avoiding Negative Thought Patterns

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Lesson 3: Changing Your Self-Talk

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Lesson 4: Relaxation Techniques

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Lesson 5: Seeking Help and Course Survey

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