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One of the most challenging aspects of attending college is preparing for tests and exams. While many students are accustomed to taking tests due to years of practice in elementary, middle, and high school, college-level testing can be quite different. Certain subjects require complex problem-solving knowledge to answer questions, and other exams carry a great deal of weight in your final course grade. How do you manage the pressures of college-level tests and exams? How do you prepare yourself to succeed in these environments? That is the focus of this online workshop. Here, you will learn strategies to help you prepare for tests and exams, minimize any potential anxiety you have about those tests, and focus during the test itself. At Rinella Learning Center, we understand your fears and worries regarding tests: we want to help you gain the confidence you need to enjoy success when tests and exams come up!

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  • Metacognition: You will think critically about your own test preparation practices.
  • Time Management: You will consider time management as a crucial component for test preparation.
  • Anxiety Management: You will learn strategies for managing any anxiety you may feel due to upcoming tests or exams.
  • Test-Taking Techniques: You will learn specific techniques to help you recall information during the test itself.

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Lesson 1: How Do You Prepare for Tests?

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Lesson 2: Maximizing Your Study Time

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Lesson 3: Test-Taking Anxiety

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Lesson 4: Techniques for Test-Taking Success

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Lesson 5: Following Up and Course Survey

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