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Many students will ask: “I know I need to make a change to become a more successful student – but how do I change my bad habits?” This online workshop will help you work through that process, so that you can transition from harmful or destructive habits to habits that enable success. Having worked with countless students, we at the Rinella Learning Center have identified several useful strategies to make that process possible. These strategies include figuring out which habits are holding you back; identifying your reasons for making a change; letting go of bad habits and embracing good ones; and maintaining accountability as you move through this process. This workshop should take about 30-45 minutes to complete; we also encourage you to come meet with us in the Rinella Learning Center (306 Shriver Center) to work on changing your bad habits!

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  1. Self-Reflection: You will identify habits that impede your academic well-being.
  2. Motivation: You will understand the concept of “intrinsic motivation” and apply it to the process of breaking and/or forming habits.
  3. Behavior Change: You will learn and apply strategies for changing negative behaviors.
  4. Accountability: You will learn and apply strategies for enacting and maintaining positive behaviors.

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Lesson 1: Identifying Bad Habits

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Lesson 2: Why Do You Want to Change?

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Lesson 3: Breaking Bad Habits

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Lesson 4: Replacing Bad Habits with Good Ones

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Lesson 5: Tracking Your Progress

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